When I was a kid, I always had a story in my head. I like to imagine the possibilities of creating something new or modifying an existing object.

I was very creative then, and am now with my stories.

My favourite subject in school is Art & Craft and I attained distinction for tests and exams everytime. With the strong passion in art and design, I graduated from RMIT University in Communication Design. I landed my first job as an Art Director. I love every moment of it. Lucky me, my job is my hobby!

To be a children's book illustrator has been a dream since I did a school project when taking my Diploma in Graphic Design. I discovered my talent working with clay and I find it to be therapeutic. I suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for 14 years. There are times when I was bed-ridden. When I started working with clay, I managed to chanel the frustration of having joint pain by shaping clay into beautiful illustration. The end product gives me joy and self-satisfaction.


"I Tell My Own Story - Animal" is my first book for young learners who loves vibrant artwork. It aims to instill creative thinking through the enticing clay illustration. Children have active imaginations and a natural ability to make up stories. I would like to bring their imaginations to life through story-telling.

I am currently working on the next books "I Tell My Own Story - Transport" and "I Tell My Own Story - Circus".

I travel the world and I have every opportunity to check out on children's book in the book stores. Every children's book out there inspire me to have my own published.

I thank everyone who has been supporting my journey and to all my website visitors,
"Be creative. Everything is possible."

Nina Suess


©Nina Suess 2013